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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

DSM4000 Digital Service Module has been formally released, replacing the DSM3400 .

The DSM4000 (Digital Service module) has replaced Scanivalve's DSM3400. Utilizing a powerful DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and real time operating system, the DSM4000 offers many advantages to the user over the DSM3400.

The DSM4000's rugged construction, digital input and output capabilities and fast data throughput rates are ideally suited for many applications including wind tunnel, gas turbine testing, and flight testing. One DSM4000 can support up to eight ZOC pressure scanners (512Px) and output all data, converted to engineering units at up to 625 Hz/channel. All communications are through the single Ethernet 100baseT connection, TCP/IP or UDP.

Some of the main advantages of the DSM4000 over the DSM3400 include the following:

  •  Real time operating system independent of Windows Operating Systems
  •  Significantly faster boot up times
  •  Supports over 90% of the DSM3400 commands
  •  Has real time data analysis functions that can be enabled/disabled by the user
  •  Incorporated into a stainless steel enclosure
  •  Rugged flight Worthy pressure data acquisition system with no moving parts
  •  Optional ARINC429 8 channel output interface for flight test applications

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View the Data Sheet here or go directly to the product page here.